FOR SALE! Check out on eBay!
2016 Indian Chieftain For Sale!
2016 Indian Chieftain For Sale! Blog
2016 Indian Chieftain Low Low Miles With Tons of Goodies!

2016 Indian Chieftain - One Owner - Low Low Miles Better Than New with all the custom accessories.
- Dealer installed Indian Motorcycle Stage 2 Kit. Includes High Flow Air Cleaner, Cams, True Duals with Freedom Exhaust
- Ginz Custom 18 inch Sissy Bar.
- Audette Motorcycles Custom Clear Cam Cover. Check out this YouTube Video of the Clear Cam cover in action on my Bike.
- KST Kustoms Mid Rise Handlebars.
- Arlene Ness Monster Sucker.
- Arlene Ness Running Boards.
- Klock Werks Flare Windshield With Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap.
- Klock Werks Reytelo Side Covers painted to match.
- Klock Werks Reytelo Bag Extensions painted to match.
- Kuryakyn Scythe Mirrors.
- Kuryakyn ISO Grips.
- Kuryakyn Rear Fender Strip Lights with integrated blinkers.
- Kuryakyn Fairing Turn Signal Trim.
- Kuryakyn Oil Cooler Cover.
- Kuryakyn Driving Light Bezels.
- Kuryakyn Tappet Block Accent Cover.
- Kuryakyn Cylinder Base Cover.
- Kuryakyn Rear Master Cylinder Cover.
- Kuryakyn Chin Fairing.
- Kuryakyn Neck Covers.
- Kuryakyn Starter End Cover.
- Kuryakyn Inner Primary Cover.
- Kuryakyn Chrome Speaker Covers..
- Curved License Plate Frame.
- Sumax Red Spark Plug Wires.
- LED Headlight and Driving Lights
- Custom LED light strip inside engine bay.
- Custom Vinyl Flames.
- Custom Rear Brake and License Plate Setup with a Zephry LED Tail Light.
- Indian Amp and Hardbag Speaker setup.
- Indian Motorcycle Chrome Luggage Rack.
- Indian Motorcycle Rear Seat Grab Bar.
- Indian Motorcycle Front and Rear Fender Bumper Bars.
- Indian Motorcycle Mustache Engine Gaurd.
- Indian Motorcycle Front Chrome Fender Tip.
- Custom Chrome Fog/Driving Lights.
- Tail-Art Custom Gas Cap Covers.
- TechMount Phone Holder.

Serious buyers, call or text me at 706-332-4358 Blog
Custom Audette Motorcycles Clear Cam Cover Blog
Indian Mustache Engine Guard with Kuryakyn Oil Cooler Cover and Chin Fairing Blog
KST Mid-Rise Handlebars Blog
Kuryakyn Chrome Everywhere! Blog
Custom Brake and License Plate Blog
Ginz Choppers Hercules Devil Tail Sissy Bar Ordered! I've been checking out this sissy bar for a long time. Finally bit the bullet and order mine today. I'm looking forward to get it and installing it on my Chieftain. 18 inch

Ordered on 06-16-2020
Update: Starting Fab on July 22nd
Update: Should be here on August 12th.
Update: Installed!
I love it. 18 inches is the perfect size. Blog
A gift from my lovely wife! The Shoei GT-Air II What a gift from my lovely wife! She ordered the Shoei GT-Air II from Revzilla, and I received it within 2 days. The helmet is awesome! The fit and finish is perfect!. The helmet feels great and fits perfectly. My first real Helmet. According to Shoei, a tinted shield should be out this fall. I will also get the SENA SRL II for this helmet.
Shoei GT-Air II
Shoei GT-Air II
Shoei GT-Air II
Shoei GT-Air II Blog
Day 146.......
- Confirmed: 4,707,584
- Critical: 18,687
- Recovered: 2,328,451
- Deaths: 156,772
What can I say. The numbers speak for them-self. From Protests to Riots to Covid-19, 2020, it's been a challenging year, to say the least. Working remote, Kids home from school,and much more. Everyday you wake up and tell yourself, today is going to be a good day! Let's do this!. When all this is finally said and done, then the challenge and mind games start again, but topics are going to be different. Each of us will have different topics or challenges to deal with. Stay Strong! and Enjoy Life!
We can do this. Blog
Maxwell's Motorcycles I've been working on a new site for The Harley Tech, John Maxwell, here in columbus. When you have time, go check out and buy a shirt and some stickers to support John! Blog
My New Ebay Banner Blog
Look Twice, Save A Life Blog
New Front Lights Added some more lights to the front of bike. I like the way they turned out. They are nice and bright. Used an adapter (mirror reolcation) that is used for the Harley to get them mounted. Lights picked up from Amazon. Show Chrome Accessories 55-365L Highway bar Mini LED Light Kit (1 1/4"),1 Pack
Show Chrome Accessories Lights
Show Chrome Accessories Lights
Custom Install
Custom Install Blog
Day 74 of our life during the Covid 19 pandemic. I have been working remote for 74 days now. The entire family have been home also. It hasn't been easy, but it hasn't been too hard either. We are making it. The longer this goes on, I feel like, the harder it will be to get back to full speed again. Keeping it safe!
- Confirmed: 1,593,429
- Critical: 17,815
- Recovered: 370,977
- Deaths: 94,994 Blog
Oh My! Kuryakyn's Neck and Down Tube Covers All blinged out now with Kuryakyn's Neck and Down Tube Chrome Covers. A very nice fit and finish.
Kuryakyn Neck Cover
Kuryakyn Neck Cover Blog
New Kuryakyn Horn Cover With Tail-Art I've been looking for something to replace the stock horn cover. Almost went with the Arlen Ness cover, but it just seem to mess up the lines of the heads. Basically not enough contrast. So, I got a deal from Witchdoctors for the Kuryakyn horn cover, and than decided on using my Tail-Art piece, instead of the cheesy arrow head for the center.
Horn Cover - Before
Horn Cover - Before
Kuryakyn Horn Cover - After
Kuryakyn Horn Cover - After Blog
Adorable Handmade Embroidered Face Masks By Sugar Bear Stitches. Check out the handmade face masks from Sugar Bear Stitches. (Mrs. GeorgiaBagger). Adult and Children's sizes. Please note, this is NOT a substitute for a N95 mask or surgical mask; this is for men, women, and children as a last resort for slowing the spread of COVID-19.
Check out Sugar Bear Stitches on Instagram.
Face Masks By Sugar Bear Stitches
Face Masks By Sugar Bear Stitches
Handmade Frog Mask
Handmade Frog Mask Blog
Covid 19 Statistics For The United States
April, 7, 2020
Confirmed Cases: 397,538
Recovered: 21,816
Deaths: 12,846
Today is day 30 for our family to be somehow effected by this virus. We have been home for 30 days now. Working remote, and having home schooling for the girls. To include, caring for Cameron. This is a bad thing. It shows how fragile our society is. How long will it take for us, as a nation to recover, and even recover for the entire world? Each day that passes, our lives have come to a stand still. What will the new norm be, once or if this ever passes. Shelves are empty at the Grocery Stores, Schools are closed for the year, Easter will not be celebrated as years past. Everything is effected by this terrible virus. All we can do, is be strong for our family, smart, safe, do our part to recover, and help others as needed, and pray.

Be Safe! Blog
More Flames Added On SIde Panels Custom Vinyl Flames made by my wife. All colors available. Order your set today. Blog
Sugar Bear Stitches (Mrs GeorgiaBagger) started sewing and embroidering handmade face masks Blog
Carbon Fiber Klock Werks! (Wrapped) I was about to purchase the Black Klock Werks and had a thought of tryng to wrap the one I have with Carbon Fiber vinyl wrap that I had purchased a long time ago. With the help of my wife, we were able to wrap the windshield, and it came out perfect in our eyes. No bubbles or creases.
Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap
Carbon Fiber Vinyl Wrap
Finished Look!
Finished Look! Blog
A little light to light up the subject. Added an inexpensive LED option to add some bling and possibly safety to the bike. Purchased from Amazon. Click Here
Some LED Lighting
Some LED Lighting
Light It Up
Light It Up Blog
Day 1 of Quarantine For COVID 19
Scary days ahead for all of us. Work has basically closed the door and most everyone that can work remote are working remote. Blog
Kuryakyn Cylinder and Primary Covers Installed Before and After Pics. I like the look. I can accept the fit and finish. I actually had to dremel off the right edge of the inner primary cover to make it fit with the new side panels.
After Blog
Gearhead Coffee is now available at Coffee Geared towards individuals who love 100% Naturally Aspirated, American Muscle. Proudly Roasted in Texas. Click To Order
Gearhead Stroker Coffee
Gearhead Stroker Coffee
Gearhead Big Block
Gearhead Big Block Blog
Gearhead Coffee Coming Soon! will be a Dealer for Gearhead coffee. We look forward to the partnership. Check back with us. We should have the products on the site soon.
Gearhead Stroker Coffee
Gearhead Stroker Coffee
Gearhead Coffee
Gearhead Coffee Blog
Limbotics LED Headlight and Foglights Installed I took a couple hours to install the new lights. The lights themselves were plug and play. Very simple. The removal of the fairing was pretty simple also. You have to remove the fairing to replace the fog lights.The worst part are the 4 bolts in the top section between the windshield. Just the angle and the area of the bolts. Not a big deal, but they were the only part that took a little longer to remove.
Deconstruction of Fairing
Deconstruction of Fairing
LED Heightlight and fog lights Installed
LED Heightlight and fog lights Installed Blog
Arlen Ness Monster Sucker Installed And Looking Good On My Chieftain. Installation not too bad. There was 1 glitch were I had to tap out the 4 holes that mounts the throttle body to the neck of the cleaner. Other than that, I'm very happy with the installation and the fit and finish of it on my Chieftain.
Arlen Ness Monster Sucker For Indian Motorcycle Thunder stroke
Arlen Ness Monster Sucker For Indian Motorcycle Thunder stroke
Deep Cut Cover
Deep Cut Cover Blog
Just relaxing! Original post 08-30-2019. Happy Valentines Day!
My Indian Chieftain
My Indian Chieftain
First Time I Saw An Indian
First Time I Saw An Indian Blog
Received my Limbotics LED Headlight and Fog Lights today. This is project 2, after the Arlen Ness Monster Sucker. The quality of the lights seem up to my standards. We will see how well they produce and the fit and finish is.
The lights are for sale on our site. We are a dealer for Limbotics. Blog
Received my Arlen Ness Monster Sucker from Witchdoctors. I look forward to replacing my Indian High Flow Air Cleaner. Hopefully, I wont need a tuner because I already had the High Flow, which was installed by the dealer. Blog
02/09/2020: Blog is online now! We finally setup our Blog page. Check it out, and if you would like to see anything that maybe helpful to our ecosystem, use our contact us form and send us your feedback. Blog
02/08/2020: is a Limbotics Motosports Dealer. We are carrying the LED Headlight and Fog Lights for Indian. We look forward to our new partnership with Limbotics MotoSports Group. We ordered a set of the LED Headlight and Fog Lights on Saturday, and look forward to getting them in and installed. We will take plenty of pictures and probably a video on the installation. After talking with Limbotics over the phone, we feel very comfortable in selling this product. Stay Tune for more!
LIMBOTICS Motorsports Group - LED Motorcycle Headlights
LIMBOTICS Motorsports Group - LED Motorcycle Headlights Blog
02/07/2020: is a Distributor for Sumax We have the Indian Motorcycle Spark Plug Wires here!. Sumax has been designing and developing spark plug wires since 1983. All new Indian Spark Plug Wires for the Thunder Stroke 111.
These new Indian Spark Plug Wires were tested by Lloyd from Lloyds Motorworkz and the Bike ran like an animal.
Purchase your new Custom Indian Thunder Stroke Spark Plug Wires here at
Indian Motorcycle Spark Plug Wires
Indian Motorcycle Spark Plug Wires
Other Colors Available
Other Colors Available Blog
Utimate Whitewall Kleaner For Sale! For Your Toughest Whitewall Problems
Specially formulated for the deepest penetration to deal with your toughest "whitewall cleaning jobs". Contains no harsh chemicals, bleaches, or silicones It is environmentally safe! Clean and condition your tires while eliminating the brown edges with our anti-static formula. Both black & white can be cleaned at the same time w/o bleeding. Ultimate will cut your cleaning time dramatically!
Click here to purchase your whitewall cleaner
Whitewall Tire Cleaner
Whitewall Tire Cleaner Blog
Official Facebook Page for GeorgiaBagger Motorcycles Mayhem and More was launched!
Check out our new Facebook page at We look forward to posting to Facebook and socializing with Motorcycle enthusiasts alike. Facebook Page Facebook Page Blog
Witch Doctors After Market Motorcycle Parts
Arlen Ness Monster Sucker ordered and on its way. Review to following, after installation.
Buy Witch Doctors
Buy Witch Doctors Blog
Arlen Ness Monster Sucker The inverted Monster Sucker 90 degree style filter features a built-in inverted top to pull air not only from all sides of the filter but also the front, which results in more performance gaining airflow. Each filter is constructed from synthetic material that is water resistant, which in most cases eliminates the need for a rain sock. Filters are re-usable and do not require oil; just rinse and re-use.
Arlen Ness Monster Sucker For Indian Motorcycle Thunder stroke
Arlen Ness Monster Sucker For Indian Motorcycle Thunder stroke Blog
Why do drivers often violate motorcyclists' right of way?
- Motorcycles are relatively small and drivers don't see them
- Drivers don't anticipate motorcycles' movements
- The driver's view of the motorcyclist is obstructed, often by the vehicle's blind spots or other vehicles
- The driver is distracted
- Enjoy your ride and make it home safe!
- New decal available online: Look Twice Save A Life
Look Twice Save A Life decal for sale!
Look Twice Save A Life decal for sale! Blog
Custom Vinyl Flames Check out our Merch page for these custom vinyl flames with different color options available for your Bike. Click here to purchase a set for your bike.
Wife Applying Custom Vinyl Flames
Wife Applying Custom Vinyl Flames
All Colors Available
All Colors Available Blog
Ginz Choppers Sissy Bars For Indian Motorcycle You've got to check out Ginz Choppers and the sissy bars they make. I like them a lot. They come in several heights, and a couple of different diameters
Indian Motorcycle Sissy Bars
Indian Motorcycle Sissy Bars Blog
New Kuryakyn ISO Grips For My Indian Chieftain A gift from my daughter for Christmas. Grips went on very easy. OEM grips removed very simple. They feel a lot better than the OEM Indian Grips and look better to me.
Kuryakyn ISO Grips Indian Motorcycle
Kuryakyn ISO Grips Indian Motorcycle Blog
New Saddlebag Lids w/Speakers Chief Custom Cycles painted my new set of Saddlebag Speaker Lids for my Chieftain. I was able to get everything installed without scratching something. I'm very pleased with the paint match and the look of the new bags with speakers.
Indian Motorcycle Saddlebag lids with Speakers
Indian Motorcycle Saddlebag lids with Speakers Blog
Some common topics for Indian Motorcycle Riders Maybe not the most common talked about, but should be the most common thought about. Tire pressure and new bike break-in procedures are very important aspects of riding safe and caring for a new bike. Click the link below to get the specs. Blog
Looking forward to actually seeing the all new Indian Motorcycle Challenger. Based on YouTube videos and chatter over the net, looks like it will be officially out on 10-29. All new fixed-fairing bagger, packing 122HP, liquid cooled V-twin. PowerPlus.
Indian Motorcycle Challenger
Indian Motorcycle Challenger Blog
Picked up bike today from Chief Custom Cycles in Douglasville, GA, and the Bike looks Great! New 1 piece side panels, bag extensions, shaved rear fender with new Zephry LED tail light, and Kuryakyn Curved License Plate Frame. Blog
New Dead Cat Performance Shirts For Sale You have to check out this shirt. It is bad azz! Product line by Chief Custom Cycles. Blog
Done! Chief Custom Cycles of Douglasville, GA. Paint, Body and Rear Lights If you are any where close to Douglasville Ga, and you need any type of motorcycle work done. It could be Harley-Davidson, Indian Motorcycle, Honda, whatever. Check out Chief Custom Cycles. Blog
Dropped Bike off at Chief Custom Cycles in Douglasville, GA Getting the new side panels painted and the bag extensions installed and painted. To include, some custom rear fender work. Blog
Klock Werks: Matching Bag Extensions Ordered the matching bag extensions to match the side panels from BMC. Looks like both Klock Werks and BMC are getting the panels from the same supplier or manufacturer.
Reytelo Bag Extensions For Indian Chieftain
Reytelo Bag Extensions For Indian Chieftain Blog
BMC Motorcycle Company: Indian Chieftain Side Covers You have to check these out. I talked to Tyler at BMC, and they can make them with or without the passenger peg cut outs. I'm a fan of not having the peg cut outs because I've removed all passenger items from my bike. I plan on getting me a set soon. Now, paint is another story. Getting these painted could cost you more than the side panels. I think they are bad ass and worth the cost of the paint.
08/16/2019: Update: I just ordered my set today without the passenger peg cutouts. They will be painted by Chief Custom Cycles In Douglasville, GA.
09/04/2019: Received my side panels today from BMC Motorcycle Co. They look great!. Quality material.
09/06/2019: Got side panels test fitted on bike. Perfect fit. Bolt right up with no modifications. Paint Next. They look great!
Indian Chieftain Custom Side Panels
Indian Chieftain Custom Side Panels Blog
Chief Custom Cycles: Douglasville, Georgia Check out on Facebook, Big Chief Custom Cycles. If You need some custom work or just a service to your Indian Motorcycle or Harley-Davidson. Give John a call at Big Chief Custom Cycles.
Big Chief Custom Cycles
Big Chief Custom Cycles Blog
Motorcycle Riding Weather Forecast For Your Location The weather is using your IP address from the device you opened up the web site with. Access from your desktop computer will provide a better accuracy on your local location and weather. We also have your motorcycle riding 3 day forecast by zipcode. This will provide better accuracy, and you can check the weather forecast of your destination zip code, to include having the weather forecast emailed to you or any email. Blog
Indian Motorcycle News: Indian Motorcycle FTR 1200 Born On The Dirt. Inspired by the championship-winning FTR750 race bike. The FTR is an all new model for Indian Motorcycle. The FTR1200 is a street bike powered by the 69 cubic-inch V-twin engine used in the current production Scout. It will be based on the FTR1200 Custom, pictured below.
It looks and sounds solid. You can hear the power deep, once you crack the throttle. What a great looking bike.
Indian Motorcycle FTR 1200
Indian Motorcycle FTR 1200
Indian Roadmaster Elite
Indian Roadmaster Elite Blog
Klock Werks Kustom Cycles Check out the new Reytelo Side Covers. They close up gaps and adds a smooth fluid line. They visually flow up to the tank and back to the bags for a complete Kustom effect. Molded in ABS plastic and ready for to paint. They hug the exhaust, seat and work with stock pegs mounts. You can also get the matching Air Cleaner and Bag Extensions. Check out
Klock Werks Kustom Cycles: Reytelo Side Covers
Klock Werks Kustom Cycles: Reytelo Side Covers Blog
Kuryakyn Rear Oil Panel Accent: Indian Motorcycle Well, I've been looking at this piece of chrome for over a year, trying to decide if I wanted to place it on my 2016 Chieftain. After the Inner Primary Cover was installed, I just had to get the oil panel accent cover a try. I think it was worth the wait. I'm pleased with the quality of the piece. I lucked up and placed the Inner Primary Cover in the correct position, which made the Oil Accent Cover line up perfectly. Time will tell how well the two pieces will survive.
Kuryakyn Rear Oil Panel Accent: Indian Motorcycle
Kuryakyn Rear Oil Panel Accent: Indian Motorcycle Blog
Kuryakyn Inner Primary Cover And Rear Oil Panel Accent: Indian Motorcycle I finally decided to purchase the Inner Primary Cover by Kuryakyn. Install is a 1 out of 10 for complexity. However, you do need to make sure you have that piece correctly positioned, and taped down after. It installs with 3m tape. I also added the Kurakyn Rear Oil Panel Accent for my Chieftain. Both add some nice chrome bling to the bike.
Kuryakyn Inner Primary Cover For Indian
Kuryakyn Inner Primary Cover For Indian Blog
Vinyl Wrapped Rear Tail Light. I decided to give some vinyl wrapping a try, by wrapping my rear tail light with Vivid's smoke tint. I think it turned out pretty good for the first wrap. Now, I may now wrap the turn signal lights in the front fairing. Check out the forums section for before and after pictures. Blog
Lane Splitting The American Motorcyclist Association endorses lane splitting. According to the University of California, study by Berkeley researchers say that it enhances motorcycle safety. The option can provide an escape route for motorcyclists who would otherwise be trapped of stuck from behind. One of the most dangerous situations for any on-highway motorcyclist is being caught in congested traffic. I get this. The roads I travel on when coming home from work are so congested and cars are trying to cut in between other vehicles. I'm constantly on the look out even more, waiting to be struck by a car trying to cut between me and another vehicle.

Until recently, California was the only legal state. Now Utah is another state that Lane Splitting is legal. The law allows motorcyclist traveling no faster than 15 mph to go between lanes of stopped traffic on roads where the speed limit is 45 mph or less. Blog
Dynojet - Power Vision 3 Indian Motorcycle 111 The Power Vision 3 (PV-3) is Dynojet's newest performance tuner and data monitor that offers the latest flash tuning technology, real-time data monitoring & logging, and other industry exclusive features. Product and tuning support is available thru Fuel Moto by phone or our tune support portal, we've specialized in Dynojet tuning products for over 15 years!
Dynojet - Power Vision 3 Indian Motorcycle 111
Dynojet - Power Vision 3 Indian Motorcycle 111 Blog
05/08/2019: Merchandise
Check out Merchandise.
Currently we have shirts and decals. We look forward to bringing more biker merchandise to our website.
New decal available online: Look Twice Save A Life
There are many motorcycle related links under our Sites Page, so check it out. If you have any websites that are not listed, you can add them to our list of motorcycle websites. Blog
Motorcycle Calendar Of Events Check out our Motorcycle Events page. We have 2 months of Motorcycle events listed in different states. You can also use the online map direction feature to map out your directions from your location to the event. This map direction feature s is provided by Google and will give you duration, mileage and step by step directions to the motorcycle event you select. You can also add an Event, if you have an event you want listed. Blog
Motorcycle Awareness Month! Look Twice Save A Life
May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. With the warmer weather, brings out the riders who have been cooped up all winter. I know for myself, the longer day light hours brings out that extra enjoyment of being on your bike after work. It seems that traffic also picks up. All motorists need to be aware of their surroundings. As a rider, I'm always watching every car, every blind spot for that potential problem that may happen.

Why do drivers often violate motorcyclists' right of way?
- Motorcycles are relatively small and drivers don't see them
- Drivers don't anticipate motorcycles' movements
- The driver's view of the motorcyclist is obstructed, often by the vehicle's blind spots or other vehicles
- The driver is distracted
- Enjoy your ride and make it home safe! Blog
Indian's New Bagger Emerging Throughout the Web Spyshots have emerged of a new Indian tourer being tested with a water-cooled engine, fixed fairing and performance focused parts – all firsts for the brand’s touring range.

Based on recent IP filings we believe the bike is called the Raptor and will be a brand new model in Indian’s range, effectively picking up where defunct sister brand Victory left off. Up front is a fixed fairing, clearly aimed at the Harley-Davidson Road Glide.

2020 Indian Motorcycle Raptor.
2020 Indian Motorcycle Raptor. Blog
OTB Voodoo Air Intake Indian Motorcycle OTB Prototypes Voodoo Air Intake for Indian Motorcycle Chief! Increase performance and throttle response, reduce heat and weight, and improve the look of your Indian with a clear cover showing the throttle body in action!
OTB Voodoo Air Intake Installation Instructions For Your Indian Motorcycle
OTB Voodoo Air Intake Indian Motorcycule
OTB Voodoo Air Intake Indian Motorcycule Blog
8% of US Households Have a Motorcycle In 2018, 8% of US households had at least one motorcycle. The most ever recorded in decades of polling by the Motorcycle Industry Council. A contributing factor, more women are buying and riding motorcycles than any time in history. Blog
Custom motorcycles legend, Jesse Rooke dies after accident. Jesse Rooke of Rooke Customs has reportedly died following a motorcycle accident. The custom motorcycle builder was influential in the motorcycle racing, go-karting, and custom bike building scenes.
Rooke was known for his unique designs and superior engineering. Jesse Rooke founded Jesse Rooke Customs in Huntington Beach, California, where he developed a reputation for his bike building talent in the motorcycle community
He was reportedly pronounced dead after he crashed his bike yesterday, April 5, 2019, under unknown circumstances. Blog
Motorcycle Mobile Apps Available. We have some cool Motorcycle mobile apps listed below.
Giving the ESR App with CRASHLIGHT a try. It has the feature that uses your phone's accelerometer to detect a motorcycle crash and automatically sends an emergency alert to up to 3 contacts. Blog
Arlen Ness Passes – 1939-2019 The Arlen Ness Motorcycles Facebook page has announced the passing of its patriarch on March 22, 2019. Born on July 12, 1939, Arlen Ness became a giant in the custom motorcycle business, often referred to as The King of Custom Motorcycles.
Arlen Ness 1939 - 2019.
Arlen Ness 1939 - 2019. Blog
2019 Indian Roadmaster Starting at $24,499
The Indian Roadmaster is loaded with premium touring amenities. Impressive power from the Thunder Stroke® 111 V-Twin engine, keyless ignition, industry-leading Ride Command® with a 200-watt premium audio system, individually heated seats, and a push-button power windshield. The list goes on and on.
2019 Roadmaster
2019 Roadmaster Blog
Kirk Van Scoten - A Sad Goodbye Today, I got word that Kirk Van Scoten from passed away. From the little bit of time I spent exchanging emails with Kirk about the new Indian spark plug wires, I feel like I lost a friend. Rest in Peace Kirk, you will be missed.
Kirk Van Scoten of Sumax
Kirk Van Scoten of Sumax Blog
Indian Motorcycle For Sale - Classifieds Page List your Indian Motorcycle for sale on our Free classifieds page. Our classifieds page is Free for all. List motorcycles, accessories, any thing for free. Blog
Thunder Stroke 116 Stage 3 Big Bore Kit This Stage 3 Performance 116 ci Big Bore Kit transforms a Thunder Stroke® 111 into a high-performance 116-ci power plant delivering 20% more horsepower and 15% more torque. Experience quicker acceleration and increased torque – without sacrificing reliability. This kit contains everything needed for the engine, including: new cylinders, big bore pistons, larger throttle body, and more. Dealer installation required. Also requires Stage 1 Exhaust, Exhaust Tips, and Stage 1 Performance Air Cleaner or Thunder Stroke® High Flow Air Cleaner (each sold separately).
Check out our Forums page for some reviews of the Thunder Stroke 116 upgrade.
Thunder Stroke 116 Stage 3 Big Bore Kit
Thunder Stroke 116 Stage 3 Big Bore Kit Blog
New Arlen Ness Retro Floorboards Installed I replaced my stock floorboards with the Arlen Ness Retro Floorboards, and they look and feel great. So much larger than the stock floorboards. The quality is top notch.
Check out pictures on our Motorcycle Gallery and Indian Motorcycle Forums page. Blog
12/15/2018: Indian Motorcycle Forums Check out the Motorcycle Forums Page. It is geared towards Indian Motorcycle. However, we welcome all motorcycles. There are some YouTube videos on How To Change Oil on your Indian Motorcycle. I thought these could be of importance to some of us. Blog
Radiantz Rear Turn Signals Check out the Radiantz rear turn signals on my 2016 Indian Chieftain. Easy install, quality product and great looks.
Indian motorcycle rear custom turn signals
Indian motorcycle rear custom turn signals Blog
Welcome to Your online portal for everything Indian Motorcycle, to include V-Twin Motorcycles in general.
Add your own website links under the Sites Page.
Upload your photos under the Motorcyle Photo Gallery Page.
Motorcycle events, to include adding your event to our events page.
Motorcycle classifieds Post your items for sale on
Indian Motorcycle Forums for group discussions. Merchandise For our custom merchandise. If there is something you would like to ask us, please drop us an email. Blog
Arlen Ness Retro Floorboards For Indian Motorcycle Retro styling goes well with the classic Indian look and finned factory engine covers.
- CNC machined from billet aluminum.
- Extended length for comfort.
- Chrome finish.
- Full length rubber inserts offer excellent grip and comfort.
- Driver Floorboards: 18 inch L x 5.75 inch W x 1 inch Thick
- Chief - Chieftain - Roadmaster - Darkhorse
I put these on my 2016 Indian Chieftain. I think they look great. The quality is top notch.
Arlen Ness Retro Floorboards For Indian Motorcycle
Arlen Ness Retro Floorboards For Indian Motorcycle Blog
Smart Navigation For Motorcycles Beeline Moto’s interface guides you in the clearest manner possible with one big arrow pointing in the direction you need to be heading right now. Simple! No complex instructions, no detailed maps. It’s stripped back to the essential information you need in the moment, leaving you to focus on what’s important - the road or trail ahead of you.
navigation for your motorcycle
navigation for your motorcycle Blog
Kuryakyn Tappet Block Accent For Indian Motorcycle I just installed the Tappet Block Accent and it looks great. It was not an easy task on my 2016 Indian Chieftain with the Freedom True Dual Exhaust. I had to remove the heat shield, muffler,hardbag, side panel, trim some off the Tappet Block, and not scratch anything. With a lot of patience and creativity, It looks great. Check out our Indian Motorcycle Forums page for more.
Kuryakyn Tappet Block Cover Indian Motorcycle
Kuryakyn Tappet Block Cover Indian Motorcycle Blog
Signature Series Vantage Dash Console for Indian Coming in September 2018
Made from premium chrome-plated or satin black-finished A380 aluminum.
Includes "knockouts" for models with power locks and heated grips.
Bolt-on design, direct replacement for the stock console on '14-'18 Chief, Chieftain, Roadmaster and Springfield models.
Perfect match to the John Shope Signature Series Vantage Horn Cover, Air Cleaner Kit and Headlight Bezel, all sold separately.
Indian Motorcycle Accessories
Indian Motorcycle Accessories Blog
Tail-Art Check out these cool pieces for your Indian and Harley at Tail-Art. Motorcycle Gas cap covers, Horn Covers, Cam Covers, etc. Blog

TechMount TechGripper The TechMount TechGripper is a personal device holder to securely hold your iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, or any other cellphone to your motorcycle.
Attaches to any TechMount 4G base with a 17mm ball (base sold separately) Holds any smartphone in any case from 2.1" to 4.2" wide
TechMount Handlebar Mount:
It comes in all black, or chrome. I decided on the Chrome.
The TechMount Pivoting Handlebar Mount is perfect to secure accessories to 7/8", 1" or 1 1/4" round bars. Has pivot to allow device to be viewed at the preferred angle. Works with all 4th generation TechMount accessories.
Specifications: Top: 17mm ball Articulating arm Easy installation Includes sleeve reducers Made in the USA
techmount techgripper
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Utimate Whitewall Kleaner Specially formulated for the deepest penetration to deal with your toughest "white-wall" cleaning jobs- Cleans and conditions tires with no harsh chemicals.
This stuff really works! I was a little skeptical on how it would clean my whitewall tires, but after using it on my 2016 Chieftain, I have no regrets and will purchase this product again.
It contains no harsh chemicals, bleaches or silicone's and is environmentally safe. I recommend this product for all whitewall tires, cars or motorcycles.
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Ultimate Whitewall Kleaner
Ultimate Whitewall Kleaner Blog

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